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Your Peace of Mind is Our #1 Priority with Estate Law in South Jordan, UT

For over 20 years, Ivory Law has given families peace of mind. We provide personalized planning with expertise in estate law in South Jordan, UT, which is tailored to the unique circumstances of your family, home and business. Through proactive personal planning, you specify who cares for your home, family, business and affairs, if you are unable to do so, in the way you direct in an efficient, cost effective and private manner.

If you don’t control of what happens to your home, family and affairs if you are unable to care for them,
• It can cost you and your family thousands of dollars;
• Your home and affairs can be tied up for months to years in costly court probate proceedings; and
• Your family can be embroiled in public, stressful, time-consuming, and costly legal battles.

There’s no one else quite like you! It is our mission at Ivory Law to tailor your will, trust, and business plans to meet your unique family wishes and circumstances.

While probate can be costly and time consuming, at Ivory law we provide the same type of personalized service to help you minimize the frustration and expense of the probate process.

Let us help you explore your personalized planning options with a free initial consultation.

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About Us

About Ken Ivory

At Ivory Law, we believe every home and business owner deserves the peace of mind and protection that personalized planning provides.

Our commitment to your peace of mind is personal.

Ken has experienced firsthand in his own family the frustration and expense that can result from failed estate planning documents. We can ease this fear with estate law.

This personal experience inspires us at Ivory Law to help you and your unique family enjoy the peace of mind and protection that a personalized planning provides.

Every home and business owner deserves the peace of mind that comes from having a personalized plan from estate law.

As a small businessman himself, and as past Chairman and Businessman of the Year for the Sandy Area Chamber of Commerce, Ken also enjoys helping businesses with their various planning and succession needs with expertise in estate law.

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